Elyse-Krista AnnaMarie Mische


I am a mixed media artist who makes work ranging from drawings and sculpture to Live Drawings; interactive environments with performative elements. I am attracted to repetitious and tedious techniques that require meditation and time well spent independently or with others. Slow-moving processes connect my mind and body; aiding to tackle topics like concepts of mortality, memory, unreality, and time.

Death is a taboo topic and an existential issue that has plagued humankind since the beginning of existence; the mystery and inevitability of death causes fear and anxiety.  During a lifetime, most people search for a purpose, we want to live up to something and hope to defy and cope with our imminence through belief systems or by passing on memories through stories and objects.  I use my mixed media practice to preserve personal memories and those of others but also as a tool to break down the fence that separates us from talking about and acknowledging death.  I am part of the Death Positive movement;I believe that by facing the idea that we are mere mortals, we then create space to live more mindful and fulfilling lives and therefore can put greater value into our time. I utilize processes from my childhood like papier-mâché, handicrafts, and make-believe to construct narratives and objects that act as time capsules and to make daunting topics more approachable.  These existential dilemmas are universal and there is no concrete explanation to soothe the tension, so I research a wide variety of contemporary and historical philosophical, religious, scientific, and peoples’ personal perspectives on living and dying to inform my work.


Elyse-Krista Mische is bird aficionado, hospice volunteer, and mixed-media artist who contemplates mortality, memory, unreality, and time through her drawings, sculpture, and performance pieces. She embraces make-believe and craft processes from her youth to address universal existential issues. Elyse-Krista grew up in St. Cloud Minnesota and now resides in Appleton WI, where in 2011 she earned a B.A. in studio art from Lawrence University. Elyse-Krista has completed multiple artist residencies including Holden Village (Chelan, WA 2015), Elsewhere Studios (Paonia, CO 2016), The Charles Adams Studio Project (Lubbock, TX 2016) and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (Gatlinburg, TN 2017-18). She has been supported in her creative pursuits by the Chamber of Commerce and Goodwill Industries of Wisconsin.  Elyse-Krista continues to show her work both nationally and internationally and currently serves an appointed member of the Appleton Public Art Committee.