Elyse-Krista AnnaMarie Mische


I am hyper aware of human imminence, urging me to confront my mortality and actively attempt to preserve both my conscious and subconscious selves. In a fast moving, materialistic world I am fascinated by concepts of time and the ways people value and apply value to their temporary existence. Our identities and how we live are bi-products of our sleeping dreams, daydreams, and reality so I analyze the intersection of these realms in hope of better understanding the purpose, secrets, and complexities of living. Make-believe and play help in tackling these perplexing topics; birds and birdmen are recurring images in my work acting as a higher power and bridge between my reality and unreality. Through meditative processes and illustrated narratives I try to understand, defy, and find peace with death by creating personal mythology, doctrines, and imaginary worlds.

My artwork is influenced by exchanging life experiences and stories with others, traveling and spending time in new communities, and by the preservation of history and memories of the past. My processes are fueled by self-analysis and observing and interacting with environments and people around me to understand how we value, view, and preserve time and subsequently ourselves. I embrace craft processes from my youth to create mixed media two dimensional illustrations and Papier-mâché  sculpture that prompt three dimensional Live Drawings composed of handmade props, costumes, and environments. My 2D work, sculpture, and Live Drawings allow me to preserve and evoke memories of childhood and act out preoccupations; all the while merging the past with the present and realty with unreality though make-believe. 


Elyse-Krista Mische is a mixed-media illustrator who grew up in St. Cloud Minnesota. She earned her B.A. in studio art from Lawrence University of Appleton Wisconsin in 2011. She has completed artist residencies at Holden Village (Chelan, WA) in 2015, with Elsewhere Studios (Paonia, CO) in 2016, and at The Charles Adams Studio Project (Lubbock, TX) in 2016. Since 2010, Elyse-Krista has shown nationally in exhibitions; including the MacRostie Art Center (Grand Rapids, MN), the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (Brooklyn, NY), and with the James May Gallery (Algoma, WI). She was recently commissioned by the Appleton Chamber of Commerce to paint a public mural in Kaukauna, WI and has a solo exhibition Ubiquity at Gulf Coast State College in Panama City, FL. Elyse-Krista is currently a 2017-2018 artist in residence at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (Gatlinburg, TN).